2020/2021 Winter Sunday League Schedule

    For the Sunday league we get the ice at 2:30 pm and have to be off the ice by 6:30 pm. Teams on Sheets 1 & 4 are responsible for setup, pebbling before the second draw, and tear down. For the early draw please show up at 2:30 to get the ice setup by 2:45.

    Once the ice is setup for Draw 1, please put 99 minutes on the clock. Draw 2 please try to start by 4:40 or soon after the Draw 1 clock ends. Games are 6 ends, there should be more than enough time to complete 6 ends. Do not start a new end when there is less than 15 minutes on the clock. The final draw, we need to get off the ice by 6:30 pm, please do not start an end after 6:10 pm.

    PDF of schedule here:




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