Do you want to curl? Are you afraid of signing up for leagues because you and your friends have never curled?

    Unless you grew up in North Dakota, Minnesota, or Wisconsin you have likely never even seen a curling rock in real-life let alone thrown one down 150 ft of ice to the opposite house.

    The Bozeman Curling Club will be holding two Learn to Curls this October before the start of our league season to get the training you need to get over that hump. They will be held on the Haynes Pavilion ice on October 20th and October 27th at 3:00 pm. The cost is $15. Please go to our registration page to sign up!

    Registration for the 2019/2020 Bozeman Curling Club Leagues is now open! There are both Thursday and Sunday Leagues again this year. All experience levels and ages are welcome. We have already had significant inquiries, so we expect that spots will go quickly. Please register here today!

    With our sucessful 2018-2019 season, the Bozeman Curling Club board decided it was time to invest in new set of stones to replace the older metal handled stones that we purchased from Bozeman Parks and Rec. Those stones were intended for outdoor use and were somewhat mismatched (if you played leage on Sheet 1 you should have noticed the two black stones that were noticeably different and slower than the other stones in the set).

    Once the decision was made, Ryan Anderson negotiated a deal with George of Philips Stone and Rink Supply (formerly Dakota Curling Supplies) of Langdon, ND to trade in these old rocks for stones of beautiful Red Trefor granite quarried in Wales + new handles (Olympic Red and Yellow) with markings of sheet and number. The new stones were lightly used by their former owners, which was a club in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

    To get the stones here, Ryan and Pat Anderson loaded the 1344 lbs of the old rocks, hauling them to Langon, ND and hauled back the new rocks for an 1800 mile, 4 day round trip. We all need to give Ryan and Pat a hearty cheer of thanks. Thanks!

    The price of the new stones was $366 ea  + diesel, but we were able to get $200 ea for the old stones and handles, so the final cost to the club is very reasonable.

    I am sure we are all looking forward to playing with our new stones this coming fall season. League starts on the first Sunday in November!

    The 2018/2019 Bozeman Curling Club Leagues were a great success. In the Winter Session there were 25 teams playing on Sunday, and 10 playing on Thurday - with only two overlaps, making a total of 33 teams, and 165+ members in the Bozeman Curling Club.

    The BCC also hosted the 3rd Annual Bozspiel with 23 teams participating from Montana, Utah, Washington, and Nebraska.

    This year's leagues ended with a Mini-Tournament on March 10th crowning The Sharp Shooters as league champs. Congrats!

    We would like to thank all of the BCC members for making curling a fun and growing sport in Bozeman.

    We hope to see you all next season, and keep looking back here for news, Learn 2 Curl dates, and registration for the 2019/2020 season.


    The 2019 Bozspiel is complete and we hope everyone had a great time (despite the deep freeze conditions). We had teams from as far away as Logan, Utah (Bum Brushers) and Omaha, Nebraska (Total Sheetshow) and several teams from our sister clubs in Missoula, Billings, Butte, and Havre.  

    Things started off on Friday night at Nordic Brew Works where we had a wonderful social with half off beers and really tasty appetizers. Saturday morning we started off with really excellent breakfast burritos sponsored by Santa Fe Reds and prepared by Belgrade High School ProStart students. The curling started 8 am Saturday, and the beer drinking (Bozeman, Outlaw, Madison, and Big Sky Brewing all providing kegs) started soon after we got some of it thawed out. Did we mention the cold? Curling continued with great comaraderie and competition (see Bozeman Daily Chronicle in Jan 13th Big Sky Section) throughout Saturday till midnight and restarted Sunday morning proceeded by donuts from Granny's Gourmet Donuts. The final draws ended at a little after 2 pm and medals were awarded.

    2019 Bozspiel Results:
    Champions Bracket: 1st Place: Billings Rimrocks; 2nd Place: That Escalated Quickly (Bozeman); 3rd Place: Stonados (Billings)
    "B" Bracket: 1st Place: Blue Moose Curlers (Bozeman)
    "The Turkey" (Last Place): Rock On!! (Bozeman)




    The Bozeman Curling Club is open to all people who are interested in the sport of curling. Our objectives are to promote and support curling in Bozeman and the surrounding area, to establish and maintain regular play, and to have a lot of fun at all times.

    Upcoming Events at the Club

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    27 Oct 2019;
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    Learn 2 Curl

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