Fall 2019 Sunday Open Sheets

    Below is the planned open sheet schedule for Sunday's through December.

    2018 Fall Extra Ice Schedule
    18-Nov Time Events
    Sheet 4 4:40pm 4 Person Instruction, GT
    Sheet 2  6:30pm Practice
    25-Nov Time Events
    Sheet 3 4:40pm Team Practice
    Sheet 2 6:30pm 4 Person Instruction,VN
    2-Dec Time Events
    Sheet 2 4:50pm Learn to Curl Scrimmage
    Sheet 2 8:30pm Practice
    9-Dec Time Events
    Sheet 2 2:50pm 8-10 Person Instruction
    Sheet 3 4:40pm Practice
    Sheet 3  6:30pm Mini-League
    16-Dec Time Events
    Sheet 2 2:50pm Sponsorship Event
    Sheet 2 4:40pm Sponsorship Event
    Sheet 3 6:30pm Chris Friedel & Merrick Parnell
    30-Dec Time Events
    Sheet 2 2:50pm Judy Tsiang (Private Event)
    Sheet 2 6:30pm Mini-League

    Upcoming Events

    03 Feb 2019;
    02:30PM - 04:45PM
    Learn to Curl
    10 Mar 2019;
    02:30PM - 10:20PM
    Big Brother's Big Sisters

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