Sheets painted at newly insulated Ressler Ice Rink

    The Bozeman Curling Club painted the sheets last Tuesday evening in the newly insulated Ressler Ice Rink. We even got a picture in the Chronicle! Thanks to all the volunteers that came out to help paint and layout the lines.

    The new insulation and air handling at the Ressler Ice Rink will make our curling experience quite a bit better. It will eliminate the drips that plagued us on the warm days and will make the temperature of the ice and air in the arena consistent - no more freezing when it is 20 below out! In addition, it will enable ice in the summer. Look for opportunities to curl in summer of 2020!

    Registration for our Fall and Winter Leagues is open under the events and registrations tab.

    Responding to feedback, I will explain a little about the registration process.

    Registration for our Bozeman Curling Club Leagues is a two step process. The league registration is how your team reserves the limited spots in on Thursday or Sunday league. The league fee is per team as it mostly covers the ice time on the Rink. In addition to the league fee, we have each person register individually as member of the Bozeman Curling Club. The membership is good annually and covers insurance, equipment such as hacks and stones, and other club incidentals. The Bozeman Curling Club is all voluteer and non-profit.  As such all fees, payments, and gifts go to operating and investing in curling in Bozeman. Our long term vision is to build out our own dedicated curling ice.  

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