League Champions

    The Bozeman Curling Club held a two-day tournament to choose out league champions on March 6th and 7th. The competition was very high with some extremely competitive semi-final games. Yet, in the end The Sharpshooters, won out against Blackbull in the final. In the 3/4 final the Button Blasters won out against the strong competition of The Curling Irons. Thanks everybody for their participation and we all had a good time. Look for updates from the BCC on next year's leagues and events. If you enjoyed this tournament, the Billings Curling Club will be holding their Bonspiel April 30 - May 2nd as part of the Big Sky State games.

    1st Place The Sharpshooters (Josh Brown, Adam Kostler, Bruce Richards, Chuck Ziegler, Michelle Ponca)


    2nd Place Blackbull


    3rd Place Button Blasters

    Button Blasters

    4th Place The Curling Irons

    Curling Irons

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